• Post checkout EGHH-LFRC

    by  • 10th July 2011

    We had a nice, almost uneventful flight from EGHH via KATHY and GARMI to LFRC. Flying with Garmin G1000 cockpit is a whole new experience comparing to regular “steam” gauges. Ivan flown the outbound leg and he landed on deserted LFRC about 4pm local, the only a/c on the ground was PA28 from flying...

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    by  • 9th July 2011

    On my way to EGHH for checkout flight in DA-40TDI as well as channel crossing flight to France to get used to seeing only water under my wings. If WX permits we will also take WI, a C172 to Shoreham later on.

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    The EuroTrip

    by  • 7th July 2011

    After months of planning and conversations we have a go… Soon There was a few wonky points, like oh which aircraft to take, countless adverts skimmed, some tough decisions. After all, we decided that we are going with G-SLYN. Slightly underpowered diesel a/c which we know pretty well. However last Sunday we had bad...

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    flightComputer Update

    by  • 29th June 2011

    I’ve updated the flight computer to version 1.0.2. It irons out issues with incorrect ground speed reported. If you have not seen version 1 before it also features dynamically updating fields, no more clicking “calculate” to get the numbers. I can’t remember if I’ve released before version with working distance to time converter, well...

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    Wondering around AeroExpo 2011

    by  • 21st June 2011

    So last Friday I’ve decided we are going to AeroExpo 2011 in Sywell ( some village in a middle of England ) . It was a bit smaller than 2010 in Wycombe and was missing Cessna. However Beechcraft was still there with their amazing aeroplanes, so was Diamond, as well as Piper ( why...

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    IPv6 since

    by  • 31st May 2011

    Since I blogged about test IPv6 website I’ve actually subscribed to the RSS feed of validated sites. It does couple of things …

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    Test your site for IPv6

    by  • 28th May 2011

    I’ve found a nice website  to use for testing IPv6 from where you are, as well as verifying IPv6 for your servers. Very useful to double check if your server firewall rules don’t cut if off. It’s http://ipv6-test.com/ , however I can’t see anywhere who is running that page.

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    EuroTrip plan

    by  • 26th May 2011

    For long I wanted to do a coast to coast in USA or around Europe flying my self and enjoy the aviation. Since I’ve finished my PPL, another pilot Ivan Horsky and I were talking about doing the Euro Trip. It went through some highs ( like Ivan almost scored a sponsorship for the...

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    Short visit in the air

    by  • 21st April 2011

    I’ve spent last Sunday travelling back to Bournemouth. Met my former PPL instructor Dean who is now working with BFC and we went back in the good old G-SLYN for BFC checkout and a refresher for me, as I haven’t flown since January. I really missed flying and it was a joy to do...

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    by  • 28th February 2011

    My competitive nature couldn’t resist the idea of trying my self in archery. Over last few weekends I’ve attended “Have a Go” and then after Xmas break  “Weekend Intensive Archery Course” with 2020 Archery. Last weekend I’ve fully joined the club and I’ve asked to also get the GNAS membership. This is exciting, I...

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