• Post checkout EGHH-LFRC

    by  • 10th July 2011 • post


    We had a nice, almost uneventful flight from EGHH via KATHY and GARMI to LFRC. Flying with Garmin G1000 cockpit is a whole new experience comparing to regular “steam” gauges.

    Ivan flown the outbound leg and he landed on deserted LFRC about 4pm local, the only a/c on the ground was PA28 from flying club in Wycombe with famous British Airway livery.

    Terminal, oh my … Empty, toilets in a basement … No light … Scary…

    It certainly looks like this airport had it’s best times already.

    Flight back was mine, this was my cross channel and a/c checkout. Fortunately I had already flown in Florida on C172 with G1000 and last couple of days I’ve spent watching training videos. Wasn’t hard but I felt that I’m not using the full potential of my avionics. Will have to get that during our trip proper.

    After reaching English shores we went to training grounds for some general handling on the new aircraft, then back to EGHH for ccts, flapless and glide included (hate the glide one)

    We logged over 3h on that trip togher, a lot for a first flight.