• EFATO in Hahn

    by  • 22nd July 2011 • post

    For this flight I’m the PIC, after embarkation, started pre start check list.

    I’ve decided that maybe I will ask ATC for engine start before starting it. Avionics on, Tower set and for some reason I’ve managed to request a flight to Bautzen instead of engine start , got “taxi Delta” … me “request engine start” , “approved, report ready” … oops.

    After starting engine , and finishing check list, reported ready, and got taxi to I thing D3.  It looked like we are going to take off in front of B738 from RyanAir. I’ve confirmed intersection takeoff and got clearance.

    Started take off roll, plane gaining speed , takes  a bit of time, It’s heavy. Starting rotation, suddenly after climbing a few meters, engine goes strange, lost 60% of power, DAMN , looking at the screen both ECUs failed. Stress like hell, we need to put it down NOW, when there is still runway available. With Ivans great help we are putting it back on tarmac ( much better touchdown than his previous one an hour ago), not much of it remaining, both breaking hard. It was couple of meters left when we finished going forward.  Taxied off the runway.

    Somewhere in that time from the beginning for takeoff roll and putting it on the ground, the ECU switch fall of, I tried to switch it and it stayed in my fingers, also I managed to call Mayday to tower ( 2×3 times ).  Somewhere in that time Ivan also with his relaxed mind was able to help me to get that plastic plane on the ground safely. He has also mentioned that there was a rough run while we were rolling.

    After stopping on the taxiway we try to asses our situation, engine is still running, ECUs failed, no switch, tower calls if we need assistance, looks like we are all good, except for the aircraft, on the radio, call off fire engines, tell them our engine failed on takeoff, requesting taxi to GA apron.

    Ivan mentions they are performing runway inspection before letting RyanAir go.

    Shutdown, climb out from the aircraft, trying to cool down, that’s a lot to digest. Guy comes around to get a report and my details, telling both ECU failed on takeoff, we lost engine, gave him my Name and aircraft operators address.

    Taking some of our stuff and taking it to the GAT.

    It’s time to get BFC a call, also Aviation Maintenance ( this was a problem to get hold of someone on the phone ) .

    Asked Hanz ( the manager at GAT ) if there are any cheap hotels around, he offers great help managing to call around and it looks like the closest is the cheapest.

    We are not flying today any more.