• Welcome to Hahn

    by  • 19th July 2011 • post

    After parking and disembarking the aircraft a fuel truck arrived.

    Oh, we didn’t plan fuel requirement yet, fortunately, the driver didn’t had card terminal what gave me a few minutes to make an estimate plus reserve and it looked like we need 13 US gallons. Unfortunately his truck works in litters. Quick dash at my watch , that will be 50l. 25l each tank.

    After refuelling we headed to GAT , the General Aviation Terminal.

    Secure door, door bell, Mr Hanz opens and welcomes us in. We are asking for landing fee, he asks us to file a paper with him for that. Left it to Ivan. After satisfying basic needs, Ivan was still at the counter with paper work, I too the passengers to main terminal to get something to eat.

    Just after reaching the food stand we had a call from Ivan, “we didn’t finish with passport control, come back” , oops, my bad.

    We returned with amazing German sandwiches and shown our passports, all good.  Now need some rest, Ivan went to the main terminal this time, to get food.

    After short meal I’ve started preflight preparations. I was surprised by Hanz that he offered to get weather brief for us for EDFH to EDAB.

    I’ve started to write down VORs and ATC freq for the route on my plog. After receiving detailed WX brief I had finished putting times down for each leg.

    Flight was to be simple, but not as simple as Ivans. I had planned 4 VORs and couple of towns for position checks.  We were tired and Ivan offered to handle radios to ease my workload.

    After briefing Ivan on routing we took a few more minutes of rest and then went to the aircraft.