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    Munin Plugin for Cherokee monitoring update

    by  • 13th February 2009 • post

    I’ve managed to find some time to get my Cherokee server updated to 0.98.1. BTW, it took a while to have new version appear in the Gentoo portage. Thanks to Alvaro, this update contains improved system_info module, which is now dirt easy to use in Ruby and some other scripting. Using that opportunity I...

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    Munin Cherokee plugin

    by  • 7th December 2008 • post

    Looked around to find out if there is one already and I couldn’t find any. I’ve created a multifunctional plugin for Munin for monitoring Cherokee server. DOWNLOAD HERE It’s written in Ruby. So far I can confirm that it’s compatible with Munin 1.3.4 and Cherokee 0.11.3 on Gentoo. It gets data from the server_info...

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    Cherokee Webserver

    by  • 6th December 2008 • post

    I have started evaluating the Cherokee Web Server. Have it installed on Gentoo. Using latest version from Ayron. So far, I have found that it gives a nice secure web interface ( via the cherokee-admin ), has a bug with Security setting when using IPv6 addresses ( I’ve sent feedback on that ).

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