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    by  • 19th August 2010 • post

    parker 25 brushed steelLast weekend, a day after I have moved to a new place.

    Decided to go shopping for stuff which I was missing at the new quarters. Like light bulbs , baskets and so on. On a way I to a shop I had a thought that maybe a label printer would be a good acquisition as well. Went to WHSmith and picked up one ( Dymo if you want to know ). On a way to cashier I thought, hold on, I have these high street vouchers which clog my wallet, lets get rid of them here. Passing Pens stand … hmm … fountain pens … how cheap … after deciding on price point / colour / model which took good few minutes , I walked away with Parker Jotter fountain pen.

    Day later happy with my new writing aid, went to work. And there was this thought about dumping all ball pens, which I use there and substitute them with fountain pens ( need just 2 different colours ). This became a mission. Find red Parker Quink cartridges and get another Jotter in scarlet.

    After running around London in search for red ink … I was upset, turns out no high street shop stocks them. Internet it is … I so didn’t want to wait.

    Spy Shop! After coming back from lunch there was this though. You idiot you pass a pen specialists every day, TWICE! Yes, they may be the spy shop in Bush house, but they still display some pens! Quick dash downstairs and there it was … Parker Quink Red … cartridges. I was about to go upstairs victorious, but then there was it cabinet with Parker pens … had to have a look. Most of the pens were looking very very expensive and sophisticated.

    Skimmed over the cheaper edge … no Jotters, ask, they don’t stock them … too cheap … too new … There was a Vector, but I don’t like them, wanted something else. Little to the left and there is this brushed steel, weird finish ( end of the pen is smaller diameter tube ) pen, price … not that high. Lady says it’s discontinued model and it’s a 70’s design. I love the shape, curves, taking it. She throws in that they have all 3 nibs available, going for medium. Mentions it’s a Parker 25.

    Went upstairs , google … Parker 25 is … OLD. Looks like it has some interesting history and my new writer is between 20 and 30 years old! Wooh.

    It’s respectable to use a fountain pen, but it’s respectability^2 for  such a great old pen.

    I am very happy with it. And Jotter has been stuffed with red ink, P.25 is my primary pen now.