• The Joy of Weather

    by  • 30th May 2010 • post

    My pilot license arrived 2 weeks ago. I was so happy that I will be flying now as a Captain!

    First weekend, I couldn’t go up in the air, my health was not allowing me ( blocked sinus ). Bugger, that was a blow. So I thought about flying this weekend.

    Booked G-SLYN for a “spin” on Saturday. Day later looked at long weather forecasts. Didn’t look ideal, however I hoped that there will be some window of opportunity to at least do some around Isle of White trip.

    Got on a train, carefully looking at METAR for EGHH every 30 minutes. Promising cloud over 4000 feet. CAVOK from the west ( where the wind was from ) . But then, it started to go downhill. When I arrived at Bournemouth Train Station, cloud was BROKEN at 300 feet. No chance. Got something to eat, and boarded a train back home.

    And it looks like Saturday was the epicentre of bad warm front over England. Why didn’t I book Sunday ? Well I wanted to watch Turkish GP, bugger.

    Until next time…

    Oh, before I forget, I am also looking to join shared ownership or flight club closer to London. So far I like Red Hill or Wycombe , due to nice public transport links from London.