• new QT and Flying with Maemo N900

    by  • 21st January 2010 • post

    It’s amazing. My love for flying and computers is starting to have it’s children.

    I’m kinda inventive and lazy guy. When I can automate something, I don’t bother to do it. This is very annoying when I’m flying. Especially annoying when I have to recall some details. Some of these details are … Takeoff and Landing time records.

    As an ex. in mastering C++ with QT on Maemo ( and I believe all other QT platforms like Symbian ) I have started developing a small help tool for myself.

    At the moment it is dirt simple ( took me 3h to write and test ) , with a touch of a button it records take off time and with another touch of a button, landing time.
    It’s usable now, if you wanna try ( just drop a comment ).

    I will be adding also recording of this data to a text file, with basic calculations :

    • conversion to decimal
    • time for pilot logbook
    • tech log

    So it’s just a beginning for me. And what a fruitful one. I never expected that I still remember that much C++ to scribble something that quickly with unknown API.