• Flying Solo

    by  • 19th October 2009 • post

    Sunday the 18th of October 2009, I had the biggest pleasure in my pilots life.

    After passing Air Law exam in 15 minutes with 97.5% , after congratulations from my Instructor, he took me for a few more circuits.

    We were taxing back to the Club. Taxiway was not the usual one and we stopped. Right then I knew! Still, very surprised, thinking “NO, NO, NO, I’m gonna miss my train to London”. “Your call-sign will be GOLF BRAVO X-RAY TANGO YANKEE Student Pilot” were his words.

    Both the Instructor and my two backseaters disembarked and I was alone. Just me, “Tango Yankee” and Controller on the other side of the radio.

    Now, it still really didn’t sink in. but like they say, I will never forget my first solo.

    Time to do some real flying! No panicking Instructors hands, only “my” control!