• First Polish Anthem at Montreal GP

    by  • 8th June 2008 • Uncategorized

    Finally, after, what 23 ? races, Kubica wins a Grand Prix and we could hear the Polish Anthem sound for the first time at the event, thanks! It actually felt quite well.

    It was a beautiful race. With a very nice present from Lewis to Robert ( by clearly avoiding his car ). He did a Raikkonen to the Raikkonen himself. This was a lesson for Kimi, that it’s not a good feeling when someone is driving into your back when you least expect that (Hint: Monaco 2008 , Kimi and Sutil ).

    DC, FINALLY finished his race! He even did that with a very good score of 3rd place and 6 Championship points.

    On the Championship board, after Canada, Robert is Number One! Keep it up Robert. It would be beautiful to see you at the end of the season still keeping it. That would spoil Hamiltons road to glory, init.