• Monaco GP 2008

    by  • 25th May 2008 • Uncategorized

    Monaco GP for 2008 is over now. It was a beautiful show. Started in rain, spraying the grid with low predictability. Thanks to that water from the skies it was really funny event to watch, with all these drivers losing their front wings. Only one driver, had really bad luck at the end of the GP, when Kimi lost control and ended Sutils good fortune by crashing into his back. Kubica drove really well and had a chance of being first at the checker flag, he was the only driver among front runners, who didn’t make any mistake. Hamitlon, lucky barstard! Great driving, but from what I think, it’s his crash and forced pit stop what made him win that race.

    I’m really looking forward to Canadian GP 2008. Kubica may finally get on the top of the podium! He just need Kimi, not crash into his back. Hopefully , DC will also get to the finish of the race, it’s a long time since I’ve seen him finishing, not crashing.