• eh facebook

    by  • 23rd May 2007 • Uncategorized

    For very long time I have been refusing to create accounts on Web 2.0 community websites. I am considering this kind of stuff childish and hyped for teenagers. I can create and host my content on my own.

    Unfortunately W2.0 community sites are huge and not only teenagers started to use them. I had to pass. My first was orkut, were I have created an account just to stay in contact with a blacky_ . A few year later, in the beginning of 2007 when I was considering moving jobs, I was invited to LinkedIn a W2.0CW for professionals. Yesterday … FaceBook .

    I hope that is it, I really refuse to have any connection to myspace.

    One thing is certain, I will still use my MobyGeek site as a primary place to host my content.