• Ruby on Rails

    by  • 24th May 2006 • Uncategorized

    Heard about it for a while, I have even used some of its components, with some of my small projects, which never went out of half-working stage. Recently decided, that I will give it a try. What I have done after reading a tutorial, which had more info how to install ruby and IDE, than actually coding.

    And after installation ( much strait forward, than what was in tutorial ) I have created simple database with one table. To create RoR project I have used one command, which has created nice skeleton of folders with some files inside. Then I have configured database access for my project. The last step was to ‘scaffold’ a projects. And that was it. After scaffolding I was able to do CRUD on my db. I can bet, that even MS VS.net freaks spend more time to achieve what I have done in few seconds ( ok , it was more, because I couldn’t believe that it was SO! Rapid application development, and I was investigating what has been done for me ).

    I am really impressed by that. I will spend more time on RoR now, and already I have big plans for it… more to be seen in time.