• Das Monday

    by  • 8th May 2006 • Uncategorized

    Uh oh, day almost as usual 🙂

    Yesterday ? I have read some article on polish website ( in polish, so I’m not linking ) where somebody mentioned some writers publishing their book on a web for free under CC license. So I’ve grabber one name: Cory Doctorow who claims to be responsible for boingboing, and downloaded one of his books Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. It is a page turner!

    Pissed off by Firefox, I’ve found my self playing with flock. After installing it from BugZilla ebuild ( renamed to use latest version ), and playing cat and mouse with its feed capabilities, I am now happy with it, much happier that with Firefox! 🙂  Waiting for gentoo to pick it up, and make some source based ebuild.

    Read an article on CNet about online calendars, I have tried the Google Calendar, it feels really nice. Sort of Ajax version of Hula Calendar. Introduced Ann to this nice place on the web, after some time which she needed to get used to new stuff we played in events and calendars sharing. It also sends good invites in ics , so my Evolution could pick it up. Nice! Missing just a sync with a Palm OS devices and a lot of people will be in heaven.