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    by  • 8th July 2005 • Uncategorized

    As couple of you knows, I’m living in London.
    Today, as always, In the morning I was commuting to work. During that time, I didn’t know that my service disruptions are due to coward attacks on free society.

    I was really on a rush, as I left home too late, and was due to get in to office late. I was really mad at TfL when I received SMS with notice that Northern Line is Closed, also when was on a Victoria Line train, which was suspended just after getting to first stop. Getting on the ground, catching a bus, catching another bus, and when this bus suddenly stopped in the middle of the road, and all passengers were asked to get out. Up to this moment I didn’t realised that this was such a tragedy happening in London.

    IMO London was the worst target to choose, I’m not saying that there should be an attack somewhere else, no. I’m just trying to say that Londoners can’t be terrified so easily , we didn’t panic, there was no chaos. Cowards didn’t achieved that goals. Of course Media will say things like , there is a chaos, fear… just to get viewers on. But as a Londoner I know that there was no panic, no huge fear, and definitely no chaos on a streets of London.

    All community service worker, volunteers, thanks!