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    by  • 22nd December 2004 • Uncategorized

    I’ve recently opened a current account with The Royal Bank of Scotland.

    And there is one sentence which describes my experience with my branch “PR(public relations), customer care ?! Just fuck off” This how employees of my branch react, when they have to deal with customers.

    I am even willing to think that there is a competition “Who will piss off more customers that day” and an Employee with a hattrick wins New Year in Rome.

    Its almost impossible to do anything with this people, can’t open an account ( they’ve lost my papers ), can’t change 20pounds bill to 10 pence coins ( yes, it’s strange ) can’t withdraw money, even when you have ’em on account.

    Cheque clearance takes 5 days, even when accounts are held in the same branch.

    I was shocked, but I’ll not let ’em forget about me, tomorrow next round 🙂