• Access point, poland and so on…

    by  • 20th December 2004 • Uncategorized

    My weekend is on ending now, tomorrow I’m alone in company :/
    Gareth took a day off. So I’ll be in charge.

    On Friday going to Poland… flight on 8.55 grr, so I have to be on Heathrow at 7 :(, living 1.30h from airport I have to get up, at 4.30 🙁
    And first Tube from Walthamstow run on 5.24 … so no much time for delays on route to airport, If some happen, probably I’ll stuck in London. What afair will get Ann veeery angry.

    Bought an access point 🙂 really cheap, just 16 pounds, and it’s portable 🙂 very small 😀 so I can take it to Poland, and let my brother taste freedom ;).