• No, no, yes…

    by  • 17th June 2004 • Uncategorized

    I feel like stupid. Maybe I am. This is sick. Today was free, and I didn’t even tought about dissertation. I should write something, better less than nothing, but I’m to stupid.

    I’ve learn some for Rogers tests, but again that’s nothing in comp. to what I need to know.

    Finaly I’ve aplied for couple of a jobs in whole UK. I don’t think that I’ll find job just like that, but I did something in this case.

    Tommorow is meeting with Bucholc ( he’s my tutor,trial – i don’t know if it’s right in english), and I don’t know if he will have my diss. with him, but I’ll meet, and have nothin for him. I’ll give him full on saturday, to get corretions on next thu.

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