• Saturn

    by  • 13th April 2009 • Uncategorized

    Yesterday, I was in Poland, having good time with my family.

    Yesterday, we had a bonfire at night and my father pulled out his telescope. Just looking at some stars wasn’t that of any fun, they just appears as dots – fact, there is many more than with naked aye, but these are still dots.

    After a while we started to hunt for other celestial bodies and with computers help we have discovered that only visible planet will be Saturn. After some rumbling about how hard it will be to find it, we got it in our sights.

    What a pleasure and defining moment when you look at a distant planet and you see it as more than just a light source, we have seen it’s colours and rings! Amazing experience. It gets you thinking about your existence. TV/Screen does not give you that kick, only ‘live’ view …