• bzium

    by  • 18th March 2005 • Uncategorized

    I’ve switched to Firefox on my laptop. It’s due to fact is I’m not using any other Mozilla suite component in here, than Navigator. Due to that I had to say good bye to my last LiveJournal entry tool, and say hello to LogJam… which for now is OK 🙂

    Also I’ve managed to clean up my bookmarks :D, and I’ve synced ‘em with my machine at work 🙂

    Almost nobody know that I’m working on some pretty good app, which will help me in managing something complex :P. So today after writing for couple days I’ve used code against a ruby -c 🙂 which … showed only 2 parse errors 😀 ( ok, more, but that was the same misuse in couple of lines ).

    So far so good, maybe I’ll get it partially working before the end of March.