• oh bro'

    by  • 30th July 2004 • Uncategorized

    that was wild week, work, search, work, search, and woman. That means no time for me, I was able to alocate only 20 min a day for quake :/ that’s sad. BUT i’ve asked Anna if she can do what i want for 10min, no matter what, and she agree 😀 i was in heaven 😉 i asked her to play quake with me, and wojtek 😀

    now i’m searching for a job, i can take everything what is outside poland, and connected with linux

    and i’m writing that software to print money transfer bills, gosh documentation for Mono, and GTK# is a crap, full of bugs … i’ve stuck on TreeView, i did one in Ruby, but here it’s so damn unworkable 😉

    for now that’s it, maybe next time i’ll put more info in here