Projects :




If you have network, which is connected to the Internet by dial-up, and you don't trust automatics that puts connection on-off. This is what can help you, and your users. Simple design, easy of use, and maintain.

Design :

Server-side module
config and run it on server/router. Can accept requests from any browser, or my client app.
client apps
simple apps that connects to server-side module, and make him useful. Actual versions are for Win32(written in VBasic). Gtk2, and command line ( both in ruby ).



Download, Screen Shot

It is a client for my Reduktor server-side. It's in C#, developed on a mono with a gtk-sharp. If you want to run it, just grab a set for your system. I'm sorry but I didn't applied any config files, It's server address is hard codded to  http://serwer:6662 . -


UPDATE: This Project is working so so. And is no longer in development. Later it will be moved to the Abandoned section.

Ruby lang project hosted at, if you are interested in this project, please refer to version from CVS , also to access  repo you can use  Browse CVS from WWW.

Designed in a way with backend (czytacz.rb), and  frontends ( actualy one, in ruby-gtk2, but in TODO were also curses, and jabber).



This is the place, where are names, and descriptions of projects, which were disconnected before finished.

This is not everything, but I have no idea, where I've lost other files, so I could not identify more of 'em.